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What is a Voltage Transformer?
The voltage transformer is a transformer with a core. It is mainly composed of primary and secondary coils, iron core and insulation. When a voltage U1 is applied to the primary winding, a magnetic flux φ is generated in the core, and according to the law of electromagnetic induction, a secondary voltage U2 is generated in the secondary winding. Changing the number of turns of the primary or secondary windings can produce different primary and secondary voltage ratios, which can form different ratios of voltage transformers. The voltage transformer converts the high voltage proportionally into a low voltage, that is, 100V. The voltage transformer is connected to the primary system at one time, the secondary side is connected to the measuring instrument, relay protection, etc.; mainly electromagnetic (capacitive voltage transformer application) Wide range), and non-electromagnetic, such as electronic, photoelectric.
The electrical graphic symbol of the voltage transformer symbol voltage transformer is shown below. In the electrical diagram, the transformer should be marked with the wiring method. For general distribution transformers, the high-voltage side has a triangular shape and a star shape. The low voltage is generally connected to a star. Voltage transformers have single phase, three phase. The single phase is generally connected to the VV wiring form, and the three phases are connected to the three-phase five-column.

Is the representation of the voltage transformer YH or TV?
“YH” is the combination of the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of the “pressure” and “mutual” words of the voltage transformer;
"TV" is the English prefix combination of the voltage transformer "transformer voltage";
“YH” is mostly used in past materials, and TV representatives are often used in new materials.

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