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Yangzhou Positioning Tech Co Ltd is located in Yangzhou city Jiangsu Province she is a stock company which invests in many domains and factories The main products include 0 6A 6000A thyristors or called Silicon control rectifier REVERSE CONDUCTING THYRISTORS RCT Asymmetric thyristors series diodes diode bridge rectifier MOSFET transistor triacs kinds of thyristor thyristor modules thyristor diode modules single diode and thyristor modules solid state relays Resistor ferrite inductor and transformer electronic ballasts power switch supply series capacitors which includes Polyester film capacitor Metalized polypropylene film capacitor Safety standard capacitor Energy storage capacitor...

Categories and Products

Capacitor for Electric Furnace

RAM/RFM electric heating capacitors

Film Induction capacitor 1700uf Induction equipment IF capacitor capacitor eletrolitico Standard Electric film capacitor 3KV polyester film capacitors 3KV 197uf 3KV polyester Electric capacitors 13400Kvar Professional Custom Induction Heating Capacitor Best type high quality high voltage Electric capacitor Supply Polyester Film Capacitor For Induction Furnace 3Kvac Electronic bank for induction Capacitor for controllable AC power system Electric capacitor 3KV RAM3.0-13400 poypropylenc film capacitors positive packaging 3.0k electronic film capacitor Electric capacitor 1200HZ 0.75kv electric heating capacitor rfm Quality 0.05F Tank capacitor price Standard RFM 566UF IF capacitor 2000KVAR IF capacitors Manufacturer 2666a IF capacitor 566uf Factory RFM0.86KV 4000Hz Electric capacitors Electric heating capacitors 1250kvar 

RAM/RFM Induction Heating Capacitors

1.89KV 1200Hz capacitor for induction furnace water cooled pump tank capacitor 

RAM/RFM Intermediate Frequency Capacitors

Low frequency power water cooled heating capacitors Medium frequency furnace resonant water cooled capacitor IF induction heating capacitors 0.8kv film electric capacitor induction furnace capacitors 1989uF high voltage metallized polyester capacitors for sale high voltage metallized polyester capacitors for sale Hot selling metallised polyester film capacitors 0.8kv induction heating capacitor bank film capacitor 3KV Polypropylene Film Capacitor 566uF 2KV Medium frequency water cooled capacitors 1.2KV RFM series 1000HZ IF induction heating capacitors Quality IF induction heating capacitors 1KV Intermediate frequency induction heating capacitors 1600Kvar IF induction heating capacitors 1.2KV Medium frequency water cooled capacitors 1.25KV 1000HZ Medium frequency water cooled capacitors 2750Kvar IF induction heating capacitors 2500Kvar 1.8KV RFM series IF induction heating capacitors 3.5KV RFM series IF induction heating capacitors 20000hz 4.4KV IF capacitors 700Hz Factory 

RAM/RFM Middle Frequency Water Cooled Capacitors

Induction heating audio water cooled capacitor 4KV induct heat provide reactive power capacitor 25KHz switch on tank capacitor welding machine 20KHz 3KV capacitor application solution kvar capacitor furnace duty capacitor 0.59uf 1.3KV water cooled pump tank capacitors 1300Hz High quality water cooled Dc support capacitors 300uf RFM series Medium frequency water cooled capacitor 1.175KV IF capacitors Double sides water cooling 500Hz High quality water cooled Dc support capacitors 1.3KV 1000Hz Safety Medium frequency water cooled capacitors 500Hz Intermediate frequency water cooled capacitors 1.2KV 

Water-cooled capacitor

4.4KV High reliability 600Hz water cooled capacitor capacity Most professional 3.0KV water cooled capacitors 700Hz China quality water cooled capacitor 1200Hz Best quality 3.0KV water pump capacitor 

Capacitor For Power Transmission And Transformation

BAM Power Transmission Capacitors

High voltage parallel capacitor Banks 200kar BFM series high voltage parallel capacitor 50kHz high voltage parallel capacitor for power system BFM series high voltage parallel capacitor 6300V Hot sell 400kar high voltage Film capacitor Quality 500kar high voltage parallel capacitor 39.5uf 50KHz BFM series shunt capacitor New high voltage parallel capacitor 100Kvar 50Hz High voltage parallel capacitor manufacturer Best Quality BFM series high voltage parallel capacitor 21.9uF 

DC Capacitor For Electric Furnace

DC Support Capacitors

DC-Link capacitor customized 1200VDC DC-Link capacitor customized 2400VDC DC-Link capacitor customized 4300VDC used in VVVF for electric locomotive capacitor 4000VDC DC-Link capacitor customized 800VDC DC-Link capacitor customized 1200VDC DC-Link capacitor customized 1650VDC DC-Link capacitor customized small destructive DC-Link capacitor customized polyurethane DC-Link capacitor customized 3300VDC DC-Link capacitor customized 1668uf DC-Link Capacitor customized 3520VDC DC-Link circuit customized Shunt AFM Locomotive Capacitors 350uf 

DCMJ DC Support Capacitors

High power induct heat capacitor bank 2250uF Low price of Modern design Professional super capacitor Factory performance film capacitor capacitor 300uf New Style large induction capacitor film 5100uf Brand new high voltage polyester film capacitor bank 7400uf 200vdc IF capacitor Induction Melting Furnaces parts Original high voltage power capacitor 5000uf Brand new Custom water cooled film capacitor 300uf Green film capacitor 7400uf DCMJ Series Low frequency water cooled Power Capacitor 1000uf 1kv dc power capacitor 5200uf Quality polyester metallized film capacitors 5200uf Price list of film capacitor bank Dc link film capacitor 300uf induction capacitor 700KV dc filter capacitors YZPST dc capacitors 700uF 700kv high voltage dc film capacitors 700KV dc-link filter capacitor high voltage DCMJ0.7-700S dc-link film electrical capacitor dc high voltage dc dc-link capacitor 

Damping and Absorption Capacitors

Damping and absorption capacitor MKP capacitor 0.15UF 500Vac Air conditioner MKP capacitor 20UF MKP absorption capacitors for lighting circuits 0.22UF MKP Capacitor Damping capacitor 2.4kvdc 0.15UF High Quality Damping And Absorption Capacitors 2.4kvdc High Quality Damping capacitors absorption 500Vac snubber capacitors 20UF MKP snubber Damping and absorption capacitors 20UF new products snubber capacitor 0.22UF Damping and absorption capacitor 2400V 0.68UF Damping and absorption 2UF 2KVAC snubber capacitor Low dissipation damping capacitors used to protection High security anti-explosion Damping capacitors 2kvdc 0.1UF High voltage security polypropylene film damping capacitors Capacity stable damping and absorption capacitors 3kVDC 6UF MKP damping and absorption capacitors 3kVDC 0.47UF MKP snubber film damping and absorption capacitors MKP damping and absorption snubber capacitors 1400VAC 0.33UF Damping and absorption capacitors 2100VAC 0.95uF snubber capacitor 0.95uF damping and absorption snubber capacitor manufacturer 

Solid-state capacitors / Motor starting capacitors

High voltage pressure conductive solid state capacitor SH336 Aluminum lowes solid polymer capacitor Solid state super capacitor SU series fan capacitor Av electrolytic capacitor 125 degree 2.5uf Low leakage tantalum conductive capacitors SL336 Long life solid-state sf 105 capacitors Polymer aluminum electrolytic 2.5 capacitors 390uf 6.3v Bolting Offset Tags Type Fuse Square Semiconductor Protection Fuse Fast semiconductor fuses 700V Sale 12.5uF Motor starting capacitor Sale 6uF Motor starting capacitor 450V Bopp PolyPropylene film 450V run capacitor Anti-aluminum case 6uF ac capacitor price 

Other Capacitors

310vac film capacitor CMPP ac Low voltage switchgear with Metallized Film capacitor 450V Filtering Locomotive Capacitors power supply 1.2KV Ceramic filter Capacitor Power Compensate For Energy Storage Line filter power saver big capacity capacitor Equipment ac filter capacitor 1.3KV Metallized polypropylene capacitor CBB22 

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors/ Ceramic Capacitors

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

HV aluminum electrolytic capacitors large capacitors Cd135 capacitor aluminum electrolytic capacitors 100000 uf 

Electrolytic capacitor

High temperature resistant large electrolytic capacitors Household appliances of electrolytic capacitors CD293 Low leakage electrolytic capacitor for TV Easily fixed large electrolytic capacitors Electronic energy-saving lamps with capacitance Resistance to high ripple small size electrolytic capacitor Low impedance High frequency electrolytic capacitor for VCD Big electrolytic capacitors used in computer motherboard Used for large electrolytic capacitor switching power supply High stability of large electrolytic capacitors induct furnace Power capacitor Standard dual Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 14000UF 

Ceramic Capacitor

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor CC81 10PF CC81 series Brand Ceramic Capacitor 2KV High quality blue Ceramic Capacitor 100 PF Safety High pressure Ceramic Capacitor 6KV Chip Monolithic capacitor 1KV High Quality Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor 15UF SAFETY Ceramic Capacitor Wholesale for Power supply 

Electronic Components Resistor

Cement Resistor

High Energy Power Cement Wire Wound Resistor 

Metal film resistors

MOR 2WSS Metal oxide film resistor 

Semiconductor Fuse and Ferrite

Magnetic core UI series Nickel zinc ferrite UYF Ferrite Magnetic core Magnetic UYF series Magnetic Core EFD Series Minerals Metallurgy Ferrite Magnetic Core EER Series Magnetic Minerals Clasp EP Series ferrite Metal oxide Magnetic Materials EE Series Square semiconductor protection fuse 690V Quickly disconnect Square Fuse short circuit protection 600V fuse Protection of semiconductor devices 

Litz Wire

Silk covered copper litz wire 0.16*9 0.15 dia wire electric wire price QA-1 0.15*3 Security high performance motors illumination litz wire Strands Mine Antenna Multi-strand litz Wire Cca copper aluminum enameled magnet winding litz wire Transformers enamelled magnet litz wire Stranded Enameled Copper Magnet LITZ wire for Vietnam Resistance Triple Insulated Litz Wire 3.75mm Elements Copper Tinned PVC Electric Cable Litz Wire 

Surge Protector and Arrester

Varistor SPD surge protective device Waterproof parallel LED lightning arrester 220V No light Series Lightning arrester protection LED10 Surge Primary protection case Assemble Device With light Install easy lightning arrester 110V LED lightning arrester LED20 with indication light Communication line lightning arrester For exchange Communication line lightning arrester Quick response arrester 48V for SPC switch DDN lightning arrester For fax machine ADSL Communication line arrester 180V 20KV low output lightning arrester structure Surge divider lightning arrester equipment 10KV Surge protective surge protector surge arrester varistors 

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